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June 16, 2013
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Pinkie Pie Meme Graffiti by ShinodaGE Pinkie Pie Meme Graffiti by ShinodaGE
A meme in real life, I wanted to paint this for a long time xD I've painted it in Trelew, Argentina.
I've uploaded lots of photos of the "step by step" on my FB Page!
Hope you like it!!

Un meme en la vida real, he querido pintar esto desde hace mucho tiempo xD Este lo pinté en Trelew, Argentina.
Más fotos del "paso a paso" en mi Pagina en FB!
Espero que les guste!!


Check out some of my others MLP Graffiti!

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This image is a stunning piece. The technique of putting this onto the street for many viewers to see is a great way for an artist to express their works!!! This also has an opportunity for plain boring streets to be vibrant and amazing to walk through. I would love to see more of this but with more touches of vibrant colors that would stand out (looks a bit dull in some parts). I would advise you to over lay some of the paint again to get rid of the dull grays that come up from the concrete texture and add more yellows to the green (just to give it flare). I would love to see more works like this when walking down the street because grey buildings seem to bland!!! thanks for sharing :D
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I've been following you for quite a while and witnessing your street art is always appealing whenever you upload them. This one is no exception because the technique is just perfect that I really can not draw out any flaws or anything else negative about it.

Onto the art itself. Visually it's absolutely stunning and very accurate to the shows design. I feel that Pinkie could be a bit more lighter as could her mane but that's just for my preference. It would make her stand out even more than she is. Her expression is priceless and it fits within the theme of the caption which by the way is a nifty addition to the art work.

Overall, it's a spectacular way to brighten up those streets not because it's about ponies, but because of the amount of effort you put into it.
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Nekomash 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
yo si fuera vos, los mato...
Wow, you sir deserve a watch. You are the first mlp graffiti artist I have seen on DA. I didn't know anyone actually did mlp graffiti as a hobby, so cool.
BrownieComicWriter Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, wow! :D Nice.
I hafta vacation in Argentina some day gotta see all these
It sucks that one have been ruined by some idiot or idiots.
More graffiti needs to be this positive.
tenes que hacer un video de vos haciendo graffiti!11!!1 D:
ShinodaGE Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hice dos a principio de año x)…

 Un amigo ha estado filmando mientras pinto desde hace varios meses para una especie de video entrevista, calculo que antes de fin de año estará listo :3
Lo vi, es genial!
pero no seria mas un mural que un graffiti? <:T

algún día me encantaría hacer algún dibujo como los que haces
yo también vivo en Argentina y vivo en bs as, pero como vivo en provincia es mas fácil hacer graffitis o murales como haces vos, ademas cerca de mi casa hay una especie de plaza que se llama el espacio verde... estaría muy bueno hacer un mural ahí :'D

si no te molesta... si algún día lo hago me gustaría mostrártelo :iconhappyfluttershyplz:

me subscribi a tu canal C:  
Do you spray or paint?
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